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The entire motif just started developing for a few years ago, the development of shapes and sizes inspired by tourists referring with needs of them that can be required to household also home decor.

Basically, this product is very beautiful and impressive. They can be inspired to buyer from overseas for sale in various part of the world




“Balicarve” The artisan group's name of Bali Aluminum Crafts in Bali will show to you of a unique aluminum product handmade which has been produced since 1980 by us, especially in Singaraja area. Our group has more than 100 workers.

All of our products are made with a special expertise; we are carve and designed unique motifs with a hammer and chisel above a sheet of aluminum then assembled manually by hands.

This product started to grow and bloom in 2004, while we have been working on these aluminum products in the early 1980s for religious rites for the people of Bali.


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