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"The girl with Canang"

"Sangku and Wakul" (Small Bucket)

The use of ceremonies : Ritual prayer in Pura (Temple)

Holy Water or a place in TIRTA Saints brought by the later in flush with the grass to the people who follow these prayers

"Sokasi" (Container Box)

The use of ceremonies :

Yadnya - It is performed to please

the gods or to attain certain wishes

Banten places (means to worship) that offer to

Ida Hyang Widhi Wasa.

At the beginning, the aluminum products that we offer in part is a place/storage for Hindu people in Bali in a religious ceremony. Because the product is very unique and rare, many of the modern development of just inspired by tourist, such as wine box, laundry box, file holder, candle holder and etc. All the photos on this page with the original name and still used by us as a tool of religious ceremonies in Bali:

"Canang with flowers"

"Bogem" (Round Flat Box)

The use of ceremonies : Ngaben/Pitra Yadnya. The storage of the cleaning equipment like: soap, powder, comb, hair oil, small mirror

"Paboan Pidada" (Square Box)

Prayers and Marriage ceremonies

gives the meanings "worship, prayer, praise; offering, oblation, sacrifice". As a tool in the ceremony Girl marriage.Which contains in its Penang Fruit, Tobacco, betel leaf, Gambir, betel lime. The goal, before the start of the board at the wedding ceremony takes Paboan Pidada content than that in saliva combine to red before the show officially be in the starting


"Colossal Bali Dancers in Canang"


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